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Complex solutions  in :

Web design

Logo design & concept

Website creation




After the site has been created, each client has the opportunity to publish the website online and to maintain it online.



By creating web pages, we offer complete and complex solutions to designing the sites we design!



  • LOGO creation




Few know how important it is for your business to heave a web-sites. Any person interested in the services offered by your company can see and heave opportunity to navigate online and decide that they can buy from here with confidence.


We, the ARTDELINEO company, welcome those customers who have not yet found their place in the online digital world. Our company creates web pages and executes with great responsibility and professionalism with dedicated means in addition to websites, LOGOs, visual identity, SEO optimization, online stores, presentation and promotion of products through digital catalogs, as well as presentation photos produced in catalogs to high quality.



The main goal is to use optimal solutions that ultimately:

Attract as many visitors as possible to the page.

To create a stable virtual space where the return of the visitor to the site to be done every time with pleasure.

Optimize the web page to generate substantial sales.

To ensure that the creation of the page was made with appropriate stones and that the foundation of the site is a solid one, where e-commerce will be done safely.

The online store (where applicable) should be fast, stable and operate in excellent parameters.

The materials presented on the site, including pictures, videos must be of absolute quality.

Provide accurate, honest and consistent information.

SEO optimization



Nowadays, everyone is talking about digital acceleration, and the desire to be present in the online environment in 2020 has become indispensable, we can even say strongly that for some companies it is the lifeblood no.1. During the pandemic with COVID-19, only this way (online) they can survive.

For this we need to sit down for a while and analyze what steps we have to follow, how to survive these difficult times. We find digital solutions everywhere, but it's good to know that there are hundreds of millions of static sites online. These sites do not produce, do not generate clicks, are on the internet for no reason and in the end, they do not bring and do not make any profit.


Orientation to a healthy site with well-thought-out content has become super important, and there is a great need for online promotion methods to make the desired impact.

Yes, that's what ArtDelineo is all about!

These things motivate us every day, and we are glad that the world is full of surprises that the sun is in the sky, that sometimes it rains and flashes and that we often get wet (but never forget that in the rain you can do something else, to sing, to dance, to walk barefoot).


ʺ Business is always a struggle. There are always obstacles and competitors. There is never an open road, except the one that goes to failure. Any great success was achieved through struggle. Every winner has scars, those who succeed are the few people who have the ambition and the will to develop. ʺ (Herbert Newton Casson)

Attila Jasko

Web Designer / Professional Photographer

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Artdelineo ltd.

Tel: +40 744 840 736

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